Short Story *WARNING* Violent

Hey again…

This ones a short story, but it’s a bit violent.

But still, Please enojoy  🙂

My heart pounds. My eyes create rivers streaming down my face. I can’t go back. I can’t… if I do, who knows what will happen.

My sneakers pound on the cold hard dirt, causing small dust storms under my feet. Blood trickles from my arms, legs, hands and neck. The footsteps behind me slowly, but gradually disappear. I slow down, taking in my environment. I don’t know where I am, but it looks like some woods from a movie.

The trunks of the towering trees are the size of elephant’s legs, with the golden sap reflecting off the light beam of my torch. I can feel the presence of the creatures of this forests eyes, staring at me, stalking me. Watching my every move. As I slowly walk forward, dead leaves and sticks break under my feet. The sharp pointy end of a stick stabs through my weak leather shoes, slicing open the side of my foot.

I howl in pain. Birds fly away in fear of my sudden outburst. I can feel the blood seeping through my sock and filling up my shoes. I bend down and grab the stick from my foot. Crimson red blood now covers the end of this stick. I feel dizzy, but I must keep going. I throw the stick and keep on walking.

I hear a growl in the far distance. The trees block any hope of me seeing any potential danger. The wind howls in my ears, allowing me to only hear a loud whistling. As the wind died down, I could hear the light crunching of leaves and twigs again, but not from behind me. A golden pair of eyes stare a cold stare into my deep blue eyes. Delicate leaves fall all around me. If I wasn’t as scared as I am now, I would have enjoyed the scenery. The beautiful trees, swaying in the howling wind. The little bugs and creatures’ invisible to the naked eye, crawling around, living under our feet. The evil, ghost-like creature that was staring at me, right through my soul.

Suddenly, the creature howled, then slowly walked out, showing its scarred snout, its skin piercing teeth, and its spine-crunching growl. My heartbeat speeds up once again. This menacing creature – this wolf of the darkest parts of this forest – was staring right at me, daring me to make just one move. I take a risky step back. My knee collapses, and I fall on the hard ground with a thud. As I fall, rain starts to fall, and fog fills the forest. I can’t see a thing. No trees, no leaves. No wolf…

The rain falls harder as I hear distant paws come running toward me. I scream in excruciating pain, as the creature tears me apart, limb from limb. I stop screaming as everything goes black. I stop doing anything I would’ve been doing if my heart was still beating. It is once again, silent in the deep, dark woods.

Yea, so thanks for reading!!

1st Ever Story Sample


This is my first Story Sample, so please, enjoy 🙂

“How old were you when your Mother died?”

When someone asks me this, I freeze. I know exactly how old I was, but I don’t want to say. I don’t want to make everyone feel sorry for me. I hate it. When everyone says, “Oh, I feel so sorry for you!!” They don’t. They don’t feel sorry. Not in the slightest bit. They only say this, because they think it’s right. They think this is what you want from them. They think you want pity. Well, I hate it. I feel like people think I’m not strong enough to deal with things like this, but I am.

“Hello? Tamara? Are you in there? Earth to Tamara??’

“S-sorry…” I mumble. I’m not exactly the loudest person. I’m actually quite quiet.

“How old were you when your Mother died?” she repeated.

I stare at her, with steady eyes. She stares back at me impatiently. She’s getting frustrated. I’m waiting for her to just walk of in anger, flicking her perfect blonde curls in my face. But she just waits. I give in. I can’t take it anymore.


“OMG, I’m so -”

“No you’re not,” I interrupt, “You couldn’t care less.”

She looks shocked at my outburst. Her mouth hangs open, as if her jaw is broken, and she can’t move it any other way. She looks like a ghost has just sucked all the life out of her. She snaps out of it when she sees the cake being brought out onto the table.

“C-come on then, Tamara. Your cake has arrived!!”

She seems way more excited than I am…

As I follow her and a group of others to the dining room table, everyone starts singing…

“Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you…”

As everyone sings, I feel an unwelcome presence in the room, watching me. Stalking my every move. I look around, but I try not to draw attention to myself.

“Happy Birthday dear Tamara… Happy Birthday to you!!”

I feel something touch my shoulders. I stood there, paralysed in fear. I don’t understand why I was so afraid. Until I turned around…

His glowing green eyes locked onto my dull blue ones. His blonde hair fell into his eyes. His lips were stretched into what seemed like an evil smirk. In his mouth were pointy, skin piercing teeth. My heart was racing inside my chest. The hairs on the back of my neck were standing up on end, like how a cats’ fur is pricked up when it’s afraid. I take an unsteady step back, reaching out for the reassurance of the people around me. I fall into someone’s arm. I look up at them, and scream. Their eyes glowed a scarlet red, piercing through me like a knife. They push me away, and reach into my chest. They smile evilly, then rip out my heart. I fall to the floor, coughing and spluttering blood everywhere. I look up, pleading with my eyes.

“Do it…” says the guy with the green eyes and blonde hair.

I look at the tall man above me, holding my heart. He nods, then squeezes his hand, crushing my heart. Blood sprays all over the walls and floor. I scream in agony. The pain was unbearable. Tears fall onto the carpet under me, staining it with salty tears mixed with deep red blood…


I just wanted to start off by saying…

Hey. Oh, and I have absolutely no clue how to blog. I just want to become a better writer. I am capable of writing, and quite well (well, says my family, anyway…) , but I want to be more than just a kid with a dream. I want to be something more. A writer, An author. Someone who I’ve always wanted to be…

So yea, this will basically just be a bunch of samples from stories I’m writing, or have written. If you’re lucky enough (and actually like my writing :P), then you might get a fully story. But for now, just little paragraphs.

I’m not in it for money or fame. I just want to, basically know if I’m actually any good at what I wish to be good at. So please, enjoy…

  • Taila.

P.S: My name is actually Tayla/Taylor/Any other ways, but it’s spelt Taila, because I’m just special 🙂